Owl Calls In

Barred owl in tree branch
Hoot, hoot: Remember yourself!
Through shadow and light

Photo (01/16/19, Nikon B500) & Haiku (03/18/19) by Charlotte Blom

September Stoop

Oscar in Window, 10/18

At 7:20 I perched on the front stoop, just in case you’d drive by
and I could “coincidentally” catch a glance
Like a lost puppy, but with a book
(about codependency, and a cup of coffee)
I wondered what I’d actually do if you appeared
Would you run to me, or I to you?
Maybe we’d just wave, enough for a morsel fix
(God, I must be (love) sick)
It’s not the only time you’ve stirred the animal in me
Rage or human empathy
Or hunger

Clover Collectors

Part leprechaun, synesthete (via MJT), intuitive gift, or “lucky” streak?

Anyone else here find these? I have found them in waves throughout my life. Over the spring/summer of 2018, starting on March 17th (at that), I found at least 13.

👋 from a French drain in Hattiesburg, MS… 03/17/18

I have searched and searched but I still wonder, what does it all mean?