Winning the World

The world is in divide
Across a black and white board
Hypocrisy at an all time high
(Including sometimes in me)
A split between the things we believe,
and stand for
And the things we say,
the way we lash out, in anger
Anger is heat,
The root of inflammation
An illness
An epidemic of emotion
We are burning
The Mind
The Soul
The Cells
The Land
Tossed by
Mixed -and some useless- steps
To sway
To scare
To succumb
As if there were only one right
As if anyone really knows
With all new everything
At play
And so everyone
in some way is a jester or pawn
But the hope is in remembering
In the game
There is still potential
To soothe
To strengthen
To conquer- or become-
The Queen or King
And there are many strategies,
Ways to win

-from a flow on 08.18.21


Earth Speaks: Listening

Hattiesburg, MS 04/15/20 iphone

Earth is alive, my friends, my fellow earthlings.

It’s always talking, moving, changing, destroying, creating. No amount of asphalt or human will can top that.

Sometimes I think we/people say #nature like it’s separate from us.

But it’s everything.

We eat of it; we live IN it, even when our jungle is concrete or plastic.

We are it. We are this.

Shall we take time to give it a gander and listen?

Light of Creation


Hattiesburg MS 12/08/19 iphone

Chaos brings change. In this moment we have massive global OPPORTUNITY for restructuring.

May all corruption collapse.

May all lives- earthlings and earth itself- be valued. May QUALITY and ethical treatment, not profit, be the bottom line. May all who desire it have housing and food, with no compromise to WELL BEING otherwise.

May the fog of denial CLEAR.

May we all be HEALTHY by every definition.

May we all discover our individual POWER- within the collective- to CREATE in every moment… not later, not “after,” NOW.

– 04/07/20

Also, as always: COMFORT to those suffering and APPRECIATION to those serving, both in myriad of ways.


photo and words by Charlotte Blom

Warriors of Light

Shepard State Park, Gautier MS 02/20 NikonB500

“You can recognize a Warrior of the Light by the look in his eye…

Warriors of the Light often ask themselves what they are doing here. Often they find their lives meaningless.

That is why they are Warriors of the Light. Because they fail. Because they ask questions. Because they keep looking for a meaning. And, in the end, they will find it.”

-excerpt from Warrior of the Light: A Manual by Paulo Coelho(2002, HarperCollins)

Earth Wonders

Passion Flower in Petal, MS 06/19

Thank you to the wonders of earth, like oils of lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree, basil, flowers….. garlic, oregano, ginger, turmeric….. fruits, vegetables, nuts….. water…. trees, air, sun, birds, bees, rocks, and everything in between. Also, vitamins and supplements, chi gong, prayer, meditation, soap, cleaning agents…. sage…. and the age old recipes for both relaxation, and laughter.