A Light Touch

Even in the dark

When sly shadows grab a hold

The sun will find them



Circle of Leaves in Five Days

Increasingly inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s work and at times internally challenged to create beyond my “limits,” one recent morning upon stepping outside to purvey the day, I noticed several shades of fallen pecan tree leaves adorning the backyard. At that point I wasn’t hunting for something particular to do, but as these things go, I saw the moment, and sprang into squirrel-like action to seize it. Collecting leaf after leaf in many varieties took a while. And then putting it together (and realizing I’d be documenting the impending transformation) “just so” did too.

“Time and change are connected to place. Real change is best understood by staying in one place.” -Andy Goldsworthy, Time (Harry Abrams Inc., 2000)

Overcome by the spell of flow, I later asked my bf, Ryan– who occasionally popped out to check on me, how long I was out there, he said: “Long time!!” I can only imagine the amount of time it takes Goldsworthy to work on his projects, and how that shapes his existence.

Now I have found other contemporary nature artists and I don’t know who inspired whom or when or any of that, but finding AG’s work (support libraries!) was like a portal for me. I posted the first photo of my “leaf study” to our collaborative art page on Instagram, theeyesee_art with this li’l write up:

“This morning I made a tribute to the feel of autumn in the air and on the ground- using the multi-colored, mid-cycling Pecan leaves that have landed in the yard- and of course, to Andy Goldsworthy. Thankfully our local library (in Hattiesburg, MS) has Rivers and Tides (the doc) and two of AG’s books: A Collaboration with Nature, and Time, which document his fascinating work with the elements and earth. Highly recommend checking out his creations & adventures if you haven’t already…. This circle has somehow, despite the breezes (albeit still warm), stayed almost entirely in place today and I have been taking photos of it periodically as the leaves have continued to change within the form.”

Without further ado,

1. 09/03/18 9:43 AM The circle is complete



2. 09/03/18 12:04 PM Already changing


3. 09/03/18 2:10 PM Under the formidable sun in Mississippi (w/clouds & breezes)dscn7374.jpg

4. 09/04/18 12:44 PM The next day, weathered but still there!dscn7389.jpg

5. 09/08/18 9:43 AM Skip ahead FIVE days later, at the exact time as #1, still there!


“I was always interested in seeing work change and decay, but usually as a spectator. Lately the challenge has been not simply to wait for things to decay, but to make change and integral part of a works purpose so that, if anything, it becomes stronger and more complete as it falls apart and disappears.” -Andy Goldsworthy, Time (Harry Abrams Inc., 2000)


Ashe Lake, De Soto National Forest – Brooklyn, MS 9/12/18 Nikon B500

The love bugs instantly swarmed my car when I parked.

I grabbed my black book bag full of supplies- colored pencils, books, water- and a cheap chair then scouted for a place under the shade, a place to tuck myself into for a while. I wanted to take off my shoes and plant them on the earth to relax and recharge.

On the way, I almost walked into a large (banana) spider (and two other little ones sharing the “apartment,” I presume)! I backed up, took a photo, said “Thanks, sweetie!” and promptly headed in the other direction. Sometimes I’ll crouch under webs, but not this time.


I finally found a place near some beauty berries, a little white mushroom, and an ant bed (that looked inactive). I made sure not to step on it, especially with my bare feet, just in case.


As I sat in my chair and sketched, multi-colored butterflies passed by. A tiger swallowtail (AKA papilio glaucus, I think…but what’s in a name? Possibly a lot, actually- depending…but do the butterflies think of themselves this way? 😉 )- the kind with yellow and black wings- flew up to about a foot or two away from me. It was close! It almost seemed to be inspecting me, or maybe it was just a greeting. I tried to fish out my camera but it fluttered away before I could.

Either way, it was special!

Taking in the late afternoon sun shine melding with the trees and lake, I felt a surge of pure joy, the kind that goes beyond time & space. Later, things changed. But, in that space, listening to the bird calls above in the trees, and watching the water ripple & glimmer, I felt safe, connected, and light.

Stillness, in a Field Nearby

Stillness, in a field nearby
Watching the darkening sky
Waiting on a butterfly


The other day on a walk I wanted to get a nice image of all this life and these colors together but the Gulf fritillary butterfly ain’t just gonna strike a pose on call. I have many photos of butterflies but there was something about this field of yellow flowers….


I tried to use my charms, wit, and even perhaps a channel of wind to direct them. The latter seemed to work a little, in terms of a directional walk ahead of them and then backwards, maybe.



It was a silly yet determined endeavor in the field either way. These beauts are wild and free (isn’t this what we love about the natural world?)! They fly and land where they please.

In the end, if I wanted a pic of this particular scene, I realized my best course was just to put my things down, walk directly into a patch of flowery field, and be patient. I’d like to thank my cats, who’ve taught me many things in life, including how to sit still and stare, until…


Dragon… Skies and Flies

That time I looked up and saw the side of a dragon’s head in the clouds. I only starting seeing them, as far as I can recall, in the past year… They seem to appear just when you need them, or when you are ready… 🙂 Have you noticed that too? (And this is just one of several examples….)

drag head
from 06/18

That other time I got to hold a dragonfly in my hand, at least twice, to keep it from landing in the sudsy water as my bf, Ryan Hughes, and I were washing my car in the driveway. Ryan took the following pic of the sitch (plus more) on my Iphone4.

from 07/18